COVID Vaccine Passports

Aug 2, 2021

We have seen an increase in queries from our patients regarding vaccine passports.


If you have been vaccinated in England, Wales or Scotland, your vaccine passport is available via the NHS COVID pass. We understand there is a national issue with some vaccinations not showing up in the app. There is a solution being put in place to resolve this. Please call 119 if you are affected and they will be able to help you – unfortunately we are not able to help with this particular issue.

Vaccinations done in Northern Ireland or overseas
If you were vaccinated outside of England, Wales or Scotland, there is currently no way to access a vaccine passport via the NHS COVID pass. The government have not yet published any details about when this will be possible. However if you are able to let us know the full details of vaccinations given overseas (date each dose given, type of vaccine, batch number, and what country it was given in) we will be able to put this in your medical record at the Practice so it is part of your comprehensive healthcare record.